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Platform Priorities

Ensure correctional officers and other correctional staff are safe while on the job.

Give the system the resources it needs (e.g., permanent new staff hires in all classifications, infrastructure additions and improvements) to support the transformation of corrections.

Ensure all corrections staff have ongoing training, particularly in the areas of mental health, direct supervision, core programming, and case management, where required.


Investing in our correctional system will pay dividends to every single Ontarian. It will make all of our communities safer and more prosperous.

Properly designed, built, and staffed facilities will mean that correctional officers and inmates will be safer inside our facilities. It will also mean that when inmates are released, they’ll have the rehabilitation and support they need to re-enter our communities as lawful, productive citizens.

Investing in our correctional system will mean lower crime rates, lower overall correctional costs, and fewer mental health problems both in our facilities and in our communities.

5,000 offenders on probation orders violate their orders and “disappear” –  every year.

Ontario’s correctional system is in crisis. We spend less per offender than any other province and it shows: our institutions are crumbling and there is a critical shortage of correctional officers. An average of two correctional staff members are assaulted every day, while nearly one in three suffer from PTSD.

Half of offenders have mental health and/or addictions issues. Officers have no special training on handling these offenders, and there aren’t enough correctional nurses to cope.

Probation and parole offices lack basic tools like metal detectors and safe interrogation rooms, meaning they can’t carry out basic rehabilitation services, or follow-up on offenders who have violated their probation orders.

Our communities can’t afford to let this crisis continue.