Educational Resource Facilitators of Peel

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OPSEU Strike Pay

The affiliation between OPSEU and ERFP provides access to OPSEU’s large strike fund. In the event of a strike or lockout, you will receive strike pay by direct deposit to your personal bank account. Each member must complete the Members Personal Information Form, better known as “Form B.”

Here’s how to complete the form – and what to do with it after:

  1. Print a copy of Form B from at or
  2. Fill out the form and sign it as indicated 
  3. Have a member of your ERFP Executive Committee or Steward sign your completed form.
  4. Attach a void cheque/ Direct Deposit form (or a low-resolution scan or photo of a void cheque/Direct Deposit form – see 5. bullet 6 below) to the form.
  5. Submit your form and void cheque/Direct Deposit form to OPSEU. Choose one of these six ways:
    • Give to your Steward
    • Internal board courier to ERFP Office
    • Mail or drop off at ERFP 5080 Timberlea Blvd. Suite 211, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4M2
    • Drop off at OPSEU Regional Office located at 5757 Coopers Ave.Mississauga, ON  L4Z 1R9
    • Mail to OPSEU Head Office, attention: ERFP Form B, 100 Lesmill Road, Toronto, Ontario M3B 3P8
    • Email a scanned .pdf of your form (with signatures), along with a low-resolution scan or photo of your void cheque/Direct Deposit form, to
  6. And that is it!  You are set up for strike pay in the event of a labour dispute.