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Société canadienne du sang – Services de soutien (Toronto)


Dernières nouvelles

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On June 14, World Blood Donor Day, we’d like to thank all of the people across Ontario who donate blood. Your small sacrifice of time does an incredible amount of good. The steady supply of donated blood and plasma that our health care system relies on, wouldn’t exist without the thousands of selfless blood donors……

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My gratitude goes out to all CBS members. Your work keeping Ontario’s blood supply safe during this pandemic has been vital. You keep the province running, by keeping people healthy. I know, it hasn’t been easy. You’ve faced extremely stressful conditions on the front lines of this crisis. But you’ve got the full support of……

Close-up of a person wearing a glove holding a vial of blood.

L’avertissement du SEFPO adressé au gouvernement de l’Ontario de ne pas ouvrir l’industrie du sang et du plasma à des intérêts privés est derrière un article publié le 13 août dernier sur Radio Canada International. L’article citait Geoff Cain, président de la Division de la SCS et du diagnostic du SEFPO, qui disait : « La……

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