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A Final Demand Set Meeting has been called for February 12-13 20111 for CAAT Support members.

A Final Demand Set Meeting has been called for February 12-13 20111 for CAAT Support members.


Demand Set Meeting 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

This is to advise you that Final Demand Setting Meeting has been called for:

DATE: February 12-13, 2011
HOTEL: DELTA CHELSEA 33 Gerrard Street West Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4 Tel: 416-595-1975, Toll-Free: 1-888-890-3222
MEETING ROOM: Mountbatten Room
TIME: 9:00 a.m.
REGISTRATION: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.



Your delegate entitlement is according to the convention formula under Article 13.4 in the Constitution. The Local President shall be automatic first delegate and in his or her absence the Local Vice President.

Up to 150 Members – 1 delegate
151 to 300 Members – 2 delegates
301 to 500 Members – 3 delegates
501 to 800 Members – 4 delegates
801 to 1100 Members – 5 delegates
1101 to 1500 Members – 6 delegates
1501 to 1900 Members – 7 delegates
1901 to 2300 Members – 8 delegates
2301 or more Members – 9 delegates

The quorum at any Final Demand Setting meeting shall be one-half of the registered delegates.

The members of the current Bargaining Team, Employee Employer Relations Committee and the Divisional Executive are automatic delegates in their own right. They may attend over and above their Local’s entitlement, as do Executive Board Members.

Any alternate(s) / observer(s) accompanying delegates are at the Local’s expense. Head Office will cover an alternate’s expense ONLY where the alternate attends instead of and in place of the delegate.  Please note that alternates, like delegates, must be elected.

Members will be responsible for booking their own accommodation.  Please call Delta Chelsea at (416) 595-1975 Toll Free: 1-888-890-3222 and refer to the OPSEU CAAT Support Final Demand Setting Meeting block when booking.  Book your accommodation prior to January 11, 2011.

In order to confirm your registration, please fax all forms no later than January 11, 2011 to Arzo Zia at 416-448-7451 or scan and email to collectivebargaining@opseu.org   

An Attendance and Advance form is to be completed by each individual who will be attending. Please clearly identify your status, i.e. Delegate/Alternate/Observer.

The Attendance and Advance form must be signed by two Local officers.

The attached pdf includes the following documentation:

  1. OPSEU Attendance and Advance Form
  2. OPSEU Personal Assistance Request form
  3. OPSEU Registration form for Childcare

Local demand setting meeting

In accordance with the Negotiations Procedures, each local is instructed to convene a Local Demand Setting meeting for the purpose of setting and prioritizing their local’s demands.

Each LEC should use the results of the Bargaining Issues Survey to help them formulate proposals to be presented to the members at the Local Demand Setting meeting. The members may then accept, reject or amend the proposals as they wish.  This model is similar to the way resolutions are handled at Convention.

In solidarity,                                                                                         


Authorized for Distribution

Warren (Smokey Thomas
OPSEU President

c: Executive Board

  • Betty Cree, Divisional Executive Chair
  • Rod Bemister, Employee Employer Relations Committee Chair                                       
  • Brian Gould, Local Services Administrator
  • Gord Hamilton, CAAT Support Supervisor
  • Michael Culkeen, Sector Negotiator
  • Kay McDonald, Sector Assistant
  • Staff Representatives with bargaining unit assignments within CAAT Support