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Ambulance Division: Who we are / What we do

Ambulance Division: Who we are / What we do

We the North
We the North
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Ambulance Division: Who we are / What we do

The Ambulance Division includes any Ambulance service/dispatch centre covered by the Ambulance Act. Therefore its member Locals or Units are located in both the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and the broader public service (BPS).

Aims and Purposes

  • to co-ordinate Union activities on a divisional basis in such matters as political action, social issues, education and public relations;

  • to promoted justice, equality and efficiency in services to the public;

  • to bring together members from the Ambulance services/dispatch centres to discuss matters of common interest and formulate policies and positions on matters of concern to our members and promote them within the Union;

  • to advance the common interests of members in Ambulance services;

  • to promote and support aims, purposes and goals of the Union, as a Division and with other Union groups;

  • to participate with other member Divisions in the Health Care Divisional Council and its activities

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