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Case Notes: OPSEU CAS sector chair meets with MCYS Minister

Case Notes: OPSEU CAS sector chair meets with MCYS Minister


In November 2013, Jane Kaija and President Warren (Smokey) Thomas met with Teresa Piruzza, Minister of Children and Youth Services, to discuss the Transformation agenda. OPSEU asked for:

  • A moratorium on layoffs in the transition to the new funding formula;
  • Funding for the “workload study” as per the agreement at the Provincial Discussion Table;
  • A freeze on preventive program closures and to conduct a provincial review of the “non-core” programs that CAS agencies provide;
  • A central bargaining table with employers and unions.

CAS stories from the frontlines

In 2014 we will collect anonymous stories that expose the impact on workers and clients of funding changes and program closures. We will then present them directly to Minister Teresa Piruzza. (more details to follow).

Wear Black To Work, January 8, 2014

On this day let’s all stand together for child protection services that we can be proud of. We know that investing in prevention reduces the need for protection.

Authorized for distribution by: Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President, Ontario Public Service Employees Union and Jane Kaija, CAS Sector Chair

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