CCAC Pension Class Action Update

CCAC Pension Class Action Update


If you applied for and were deemed eligible by the administrator of the CCAC pension class action lawsuit, you and your colleagues may have received your settlement cheque recently.

Thank you for your patience during this long and complicated journey. We are happy that each of you stuck this through and supported each other and that the matter has now reached a successful conclusion.

If you have any questions about the class action lawsuit and/or the settlement, please visit for information.

Eligible class members should receive their settlement funds soon, but if you do not receive them by January 14, 2014 please contact NPT Ricepoint, the administrator of the settlement at 1-866-432-5534.

CCAC Pension Class Action Lawsuit Update – Settlement Approved!

December 5, 2012 On November 28, 2012, Sue McSheffrey, OPSEU and their legal counsel appeared before Justice Horkins at the Superior Court of Ontario to seek approval of the settlement in the McSheffrey action.  OPSEU and Ms. McSheffrey are very pleased to report that the settlement has now been approved. Read Justice Horkins’ decision

Information about the claims process for class members and the timelines for claims will be made available between now and February 1, 2012.  For future updates about the settlement and the claims process, please visit

CCAC Pension Class Action Lawsuit Update

November 23, 2012 A hearing is scheduled on November 28, 2012 at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in regards to the McSheffrey class action lawsuit.   The purpose of the hearing is to request the Court’s approval of the settlement reached in late 2011 with the Government and approval of an amendment to the definition of the McSheffrey class.  Below are links to the full motion record filed with the Court on behalf of the McSheffrey class; please note these files are large and together total over 1700 pages.   For more information regarding the McSheffrey class action lawsuit, and for updates, please refer to

Index to Motion Record Download PDF
Motion Record, Tab A Download PDF
Motion Record, Tab B (noe: 65 MB) Download PDF
Motion Record, Tab C Download PDF
Motion Record, Tab D Download PDF
Motion Record, Tab E Download PDF
Motion Record, Tab F Download PDF
Motion Record, Tab G Download PDF

December 21, 2005 CCAC pension case: Legal notice of certification of the class action. Download PDF

May 19, 2005 CCAC pension case to proceed — plaintiffs certified as a class: Read the court decision. Download PDF