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Cuts Hurt Us All : Actions

Cuts Hurt Us All : Actions


OPSEU members to Premier: Create jobs, don't cut them!

Two days in advance of further layoffs in the OPS, members and supporters rallied in front of a downtown hotel where Premier Dalton McGuinty was talking to business leaders about his plan for deep spending cuts more…

Tell the Premier: You can't cut your way to prosperity!

Premier Dalton McGuinty will be speaking to the Economic Club of Canada two days before a further 233 OPSEU members get layoff notices. Let's give him a new script. download the leaflet

Widening income gap hurts us all

Toronto Star's business columnist David Olive wrote on July 22 that a progressive taxation system is a solution to the widening income gap, stagnating wages for the middle class and exorbitant CEO pay

Participate in July 14, “Pink Slip Day”, in the OPS

Wear a pink band-aid “Cuts Hurt Us All” on July 14. This is the day we show our strength and support to help those affected by the cuts.

Talk to your steward about any other plans the local might have for this day.

Alert us to any impact of the job cuts on services

Please fill out the form on the cutswatch page so we can track any potential impacts of the job cuts.

Wear a Cuts Hurt Us All sticker and distribute flyers in the community

It’s important to tell our friends, family and neighbours about the important work we do on behalf of the people of Ontario. Wear this sticker and start a conversation!

Distribute “ Why should you care about cuts to public services” at a community event.

Get involved in lead-up and during the campaign for the October 6 provincial election

Participate in town halls, public forums and other election-related events. Explain what you do for the people of Ontario: “I make sure the highways are safe”, I protests fish and wildlife”, “I make sure your drinking water is tested properly, “I safeguard your property rights and records” etc.

OPS Fightback Meeting, June 17-18

Learn about what was discussed at this historic meeting