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Cuts Hurt Us All : McGuinty / Hudak agenda

Cuts Hurt Us All : McGuinty / Hudak agenda

We the North
We the North
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On October 6: vote NO to more cuts

More than 400 OPSEU members have received surplus notices this year. See the chart of OPS job cuts by provincial riding below.

Entire programs have been eliminated or reduced, including Special Services At Home for adults with developmental disabilities, program review of social assistance, drinking water inspectors and technical experts at the MOE.

Vacancies are also being cut across government, further weakening the delivery of programs. The employer won’t tell us how many but we know 200 OPSEU vacancies were cut at the Ministry of Government Services alone. The union was told recently by the government that “the OPS will be in layoff mode for the next two years.”

The Liberal Plan

As outlined in the 2011 Ontario budget and their election platform: 

  • Spending cuts of at least $1.5 billion in 3 years
  • Privatize ServiceOntario
  • Each ministry assesses which programs should be cut or privatized
  • Slash 5,000 OPS jobs by 2014
  • Follow recommendations due this winter from Don Drummond’s search and destroy commission on public services

The Conservative Plan

according to their election platform:

  • 2% cut to annual spending, totaling spending cuts of at least $2.3 billion in three years, say the Liberals
  • Privatize government assets
  • Slash an undisclosed number of jobs
  • Make the public and private sectors compete for government contracts

When you cast your ballot on October 6, keep the cuts in mind.

OPS Jobs Cut 2011 by Riding (OPSEU bargaining unit)

RidingMPPJobs CutMinistry
Ajax-PickeringJoe Dickson (LIB)1Environment (MOE)
Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale Ted McMeekin (LIB)14Labour (MOL), Government Services (MGS), Community and Social Services (MCSS)
BarrieAileen Carroll (LIB)6MCSS
Brampton-Springdale Linda Jeffrey (LIB)1MCSS
Brant Dave Levac (LIB)4Education (EDU)
Bruce–Grey–Owen SoundBill Murdoch (PC)2MCSS
Don Valley EastDavid Caplan (LIB)2MOE, MGS
Don Valley WestKathleen O. Wynne (LIB)2Finance (MOF)
Eglinton-LawrenceMike Colle (LIB)1MCSS
Etobicoke NorthShafiq Qaadri (LIB)8MOE
Etobicoke -LakeshoreLaurel C. Broten (LIB)5Attorney General (MAG)
GuelphLiz Sandals (LIB)5Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), MOE
Halton  Ted Chuddleigh (PC)8EDU, Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS), MOE
Kenora-Rainy RiverHoward Hampton (NDP)4MCSS, Natural Resources (MNR)
Kingston and The IslandsJohn Gerretsen (LIB)12Transportation (MTO), MOE, MCSS
Kitchener -ConestogaLeeana Pendergast (LIB)2MCSS
Kitchener-WaterlooElizabeth Witmer (PC)1MOL, MGS, MCSS
Lambton-Kent-MiddlesexMaria Van Bommel (LIB)3MOE
London North CentreDeborah Matthews (LIB)8MCSS, MOL
London-FanshaweRhalil Kamal (LIB)1MOE
Mississauga East-CooksvillePeter Fonseca (LIB)1Revenue (MOR)
Mississauga SouthCharles Sousa (LIB)4MCSS
Mississauga-ErindaleHarinder S. Takhar (LIB)6MCSS, MOL
Newmarket-Aurora Frank Klees (PC) 8MOL, MCSCS
NipissingMonique M. Smith (LIB)15MAG, MCSS
OshawaJerry J. Ouellette (PC)50MGS, MOF,  MOR
Ottawa Centre Yasir Naqvi (LIB)16MCSS, MAG, Economic Development and Trade (MEDT), Children and Youth Services (MCYS)
Ottawa-OrleansPhil McNeely (LIB)2MOR
Parry Sound-MuskokaNorm Miller (PC)1MTO 
Perth-WellingtonJohn Wilkinson (LIB)1MCSS
PeterboroughJeff Leal (LIB)13MGS, MNR, MCSS
Sarnia-Lambton Robert Bailey (PC)1MCSS
Sault Ste. MarieDavid Orazietti (LIB)3MCSS
Scarborough-Rouge RiverBas Balkissoon3MOE
Scarborougth CentreBrad Duguid (LIB)1MOL
St. Catharines James J. Bradley  (LIB)7MCSS, MGS, MTO
St. Paul'sEric Hoskins (LIB)44MOE, MGS, MCSS
Stormont-Dundas-South GlengaryJim Brownell (LIB)1MOE
SudburyRick Bartolucci (LIB)5MOL, MCSS
Thunder Bay-AtikokanBill Mauro (LIB)3MCSS
Timmins-James BayGilles Bisson (NDP)3MCSS, MTO
Toronto CentreGlen R. Murray (LIB)46MEDT, MCSS, MTO, Research and Innovation (MRI), MGS, MEI, MOR, MCSCS, MOF 
Trinity-Spadina Rosario Marchese (NDP)35MCSCS, Housing (MAH), MAG, EDU, MOL, MOF, MGS, MAG, MEDT, Infrastructure (MEI)
Whitby-Oshawa Christine Elliott (PC)3MCSS, MOR
Windsor WestSandra Pupatello (LIB)9MCSS, MOE
WillowdaleDavid Zimmer (LIB)24MEDT, MOE, MGS, MOL, MOR
York CentreMonte Kwinter (LIB)16MGS, MCSS, MGS

Compiled by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)