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Feb 28, 2011—12th Annual International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Day

Feb 28, 2011—12th Annual International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Day


This year workers are going to Queen’s Park to ask the government of Ontario a very important question, “What is the government doing to reduce the Number 1 injury in Ontario?”

The fact that workers are working and living in pain every day in Ontario is outrageous considering that these injuries are 100 per cent preventable. Workers all over this province experience tingling, numbness, heaviness, coldness, aches and pains from work that interfere with not only their ability to earn a living, but also impair their personal life. Left untreated, RSIs can lead to permanent crippling disability.  Ontario’s prevention and compensation system must address musculo-skeletal (MSD) injuries –the main cause of lost-time claims in Ontario.

Do you know:

  • That sufferers of RSI are the biggest users of OHIP in Ontario?  This represents a massive transfer of financial responsibility from employers to the public health care system.  And this contradicts Meredith’s vision of a compensation system paid for by employers that provides fair and just compensation for workers injured at work.  
  • That even though the stats may show lower lost time claims, injury claim rates have not decreased! Workers are working in pain participating in Return-to-Work programs (RTW) and accommodated work.
  • That many people suffering from these injuries are unable to return to work, have lost their jobs and are now suffering in poverty?
  • That technology means that the work-day now never ends. RSI rates will continue to rise caused by increased use of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile technologies
  • That research in the US has shown that for every dollar invested in an ergonomics intervention strategy (e.g. RSI prevention), in an office environment, there is a return of $17.80. (Source: Buckle 1999)

Participate in an RSI day event

Date: Monday February 28, 2011
Time: 12:00 noon (meet at 10:00 to join us at Question Period)
Location: Queen’s Park Legislature

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Workplace injuries such as repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) account for 42% of all lost time claims and 50% of all lost time days.  To increase awareness on these issues, the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers is pleased to offer the 12th annual RSIPLUS Awareness Day on Monday, February 28, 2011 at no fee.

With the aid of the eDome at Cambrian College, now anyone can access this year"s RSI Day event regardless of geographic location. All that is required is a high speed internet connection, sound, and Microsoft Live Meeting. Using this method people will be able to participate in the event regardless of geographic location. Attendees will be able to ask questions through the internet to any of the presenters. It is asked that all interested parties in the Sudbury area attend the event in person.

The day before the event, the website address and login password – as well as the handouts for the presentations – will be sent to all participants not located in Sudbury.

The registration form and agenda can be found at the following link:  If you do not receive a reply regarding your registration within 3 business days please contact Trevor Schell at the address below.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this year’s event please e-mail Trevor Schell for additional information at the address below in order to keep this event free of charge in future years. 

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel may benefit from it.

For more information please contact Trevor Schell by:

Phone: (705)523-2330
Toll-Free: 1-800-461-7120 (if in 705 or 807 area code)