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Professional Liability Insurance for OPSEU Members of a Regulated Health Profession

November 14, 2013 The OPSEU Professional Liability Insurance Program The OPSEU Hospital Professional Division Executive has, in consultation with CG&B Insurance Group, arranged for members of Regulated Health Professions to get PLI at a discounted rate. For $30-$70 per year (depending on the amount of coverage), you can receive PLI that will provide liability coverage of up to $5 million. Members are advised to contact their College to confirm the requirements for their profession before selecting the appropriate level of coverage.

This insurance is not only applicable to members of the Hospital Professionals Division, but for every OPSEU member who is also a member of a Regulated Health Profession.

Application form and information is available at:

Workers at Peterborough Regional Health Centre achieve real improvements in arbitrated award 

November 26, 2012  Local 345, representing 245 office and clerical workers at Peterborough Regional Health Centre, is celebrating after receiving an arbitration award that brings them into line with other hospital office and clerical workers across Ontario. The bargaining unit’s collective agreement expired September 28, 2009.

The Employer would not agree to any compensation increases, and argued in front of an interest board of arbitration chaired by Richard Brown that the state of the provincial economy warranted a wage freeze for these OPSEU members. A majority of the Board disagreed, noting the pattern had already been set provincially for clerical workers and also noting that such an award would create an unfair disparity.  

New Video: Faces of Support — Making Ontario's hospitals run effectively

February 2, 2012

This new video looks behind the scenes at the contributions highly skilled support staff make to the daily running of a hospital. It is a big mistake to assume these individuals are expendable during times of austerity — experience tells us these workers are key to making hospitals both safe and efficient. Clearly from the stories they tell, what patients also value is a smile and someone who treats them with dignity. This video was shot last year at York Central Hospital in Richmond Hill and at the Kingston Hotel Dieu Hospital as a project of OPSEU’s Hospital Support Division.

Faces of Support (2012) 14 minutes – Featuring Jill McIlwraith (Chair, OPSEU Hospital Support Division), Warren “Smokey” Thomas (President, OPSEU).

Writing for the majority, Arbitrator Brown made the following observations: “The employer proposed a wage freeze based in part on ability to pay and the state of the provincial economy. Even assuming such factors would warrant the denial of any wage increase, the resulting burden should be shared equitably among all unionized employees at the hospital. As there has been no wage freeze for other bargaining units during the relevant period, we are not prepared to freeze wages for this bargaining unit based on ability to pay or the state of the economy.”

The Board awarded a 2% increase in each year of a three year term as well as improvements in bereavement leave, shift premiums, vacation, benefits and compensation for last minute shift changes.
Local President Linda Matteau was elated. "The bargaining team and the Research Officers all did their homework and made an excellent case. The past three years of waiting for arbitration, surviving the hospital improvement plan cuts of 2011 and the budget cuts of 2012 were very hard on morale within the bargaining unit, but now there is renewed life going forward."

Local 439 receives award from arbitration

May 2, 2012

Members of OPSEU Local 439, Brockville Mental Health Centre of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, have received a significant award from Arbitrator Brian Keller. Local 439 is made up of two bargaining units, hospital professionals and hospital support.

In his decision, Keller awarded wages increases of two per cent for April 1, 2010 – March 31, 2011, and a further two per cent for April 1, 2011 – March 31, 2012. Keller followed the pattern for hospital support workers who make up the majority of the two bargaining units.

Members of Local 439 will also receive a drug card, increases to hearing aids and vision care, and an extension of recall language from 24 months to 48 months. The Board also awarded OPSEU the removal of deemed termination language related to disability and illness.

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says that the arbitrator did the right thing in his decision.

“This award reflects the value of our front-line health care members, and recognizes the importance of the work they do,” Thomas said. “Mental health care is one of the most important and difficult areas in the hospital system and these members perform their jobs admirably.”

David McDougall, President of Local 439, is extremely pleased with the arbitrator’s award.

“I want to thank the members of the bargaining team and staff members Sonia Boudreau, Lori Davis and Nichola Martin for their hard work. My thanks also go to President Thomas and OPSEU for all their support through this process.”