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Jane’s Walk: Public spaces matter

Jane’s Walk: Public spaces matter

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Ontario Place and the Exhibition Grounds were the most talked about spaces in Toronto for 2012 and it continues to lead the conversation. The two sites have been the target for a mega casino and condominium; come out and share your vision for this public space. We supply the chalk.


When: Saturday, May 4, 2013
Time: 12:30 pm to 2:20 pm
Meet up: Last stop of the 509 and 511 streetcar routes at Exhibition Place.

Jane’s Walk celebrates the late, urbanist Jane Jacobs by getting people out to explore their neighbourhoods. Free walking tours are held on the first weekend of May each year. The walks are led by organizations or individuals to talk about what matters in the places they live and work.

This walk is to highlight the historical iconic structures at Exhibition and Ontario Place, accessibility issues to the park, and the importance of public spaces.