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Needle Safety Regulation expanded for the final time July 1, 2010

Needle Safety Regulation expanded for the final time July 1, 2010


As of July 1, 2010, the Needle Safety Regulation (O.Reg.474/07) will finally apply in all workplaces where a hollow-bore needle is used for therapeutic, preventative, palliative, diagnostic or cosmetic purpose. In addition to hospitals and long-term care facilities which were already covered, the regulation will now apply to workplaces such as ambulance services, home care services, public health programs, and healthcare/first aid services in schools, industry and other workplaces.

To assist OPSEU members in workplaces newly covered by the regulation, OPSEU is providing a number of guidance documents to assist health and safety representatives and Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC). These documents have been prepared by the health and safety staff of OPSEU, ONA, CUPE and SEIU to help all of our members to successfully implement the expanded regulation. OPSEU encourages health and safety reps and JHSC members to use these documents and to collaborate with members of other health care unions to ensure the regulation is implemented.

Download documents:

Joint union letter

Step-by-step process for sharps/needle safety initiative

Sharps/Needle Safety Initiative – Legislation

Sharps/needle safety position

Occupational Health and Safety Act: Ontario Regulation 474/07 Needle Safety

Appendix A: A sharps safety and needlestick injury prevention checklist

Appendix B: Sample recommendations to employer re: sharps/needlestick hazards

Appendix C: Exemptions under needle safety regulation

OSACH Planning Guide

Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) "Blood and Body Fluids Exposure Control for Victoria General Hospital"