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OPS Bargaining teams for 2012 contract

OPS Bargaining teams for 2012 contract


Central/Unified Team

Roxanne Barnes, Chair, CERC
Ron Langer, Vice-Chair, Region 1
Elaine Young, Region 2
Tammy Carson, Region 3
Daryl O’Grady, Region 4
Edie Strachan, Region 5
Pierre Verhelst, Region 6
John Watson, Region 7
Len Elliott, Administration
Barb Friday, Corrections
Cindy Falcao, Institutional and Health Care
Betty Marchegiano, Office Administration
Shelley McCormick, Office Administration
Cam Jay, Operational & Maintenance/Technical
Jeff Weston, Fixed Term

Corrections Team

Trish Goden, Region 1
Dan Sidsworth, Chair, Region 2
Glenna Caldwell, Vice-Chair, Region 3
Brian Dunham, Region 4
Monte Vieselmeyer, Region 5
Jim Mitchell, Region 6
Greg Arnold, Region

Bargaining teams in place for OPS contract

Delegates to the OPS central bargaining conference have elected their bargaining teams, one for the central OPS contract and one for Corrections.

The caption for the photo above identifies the Central/Unified team, made up of: seven regional representatives, one from each region; one Fixed Term representative; six category representatives, one for each except office administration, which has two; the Central Enforcement and Renewal Committee representative, chief negotiator, and OPSEU staff.

The Corrections Committee consists of seven regional representatives, one for each region, and staff. Photo will follow.

Election of bargaining committees is a two-step process. Regional representatives and the Corrections team were elected at the regional bargaining conferences on June 9. The Category and Fixed Term representatives for the Central/Unified team were elected at the June 23 central bargaining conference.

OPSEU will serve the OPS employer with notice to bargain October 1.

OPS Bargaining Team 2012 photo

Front row: Barb Friday – Corrections; Daryl O’Grady – Region 4; Cam Jay – Operational and Maintenance/Technical; Tammy Carson – Region 3; Jeff Weston – Fixed Term.

Middle Row: Ruth Hamilton, Chief OPS Negotiator; Elaine Young – Region 2; Edie Strachan, Region 5; Ron Langer (Vice Chair), Region 1; Roxanne Barnes (Chair), CERC; Shelley McCormick – Office Administration; Betty Marchegiano – Office Administration; John Watson – Region 7.

Back row: Rob Field, Senior Negotiator; Tracy More, Negotiator; Steve Crossman, Researcher; Len Elliott – Administration; Cindy Falcao – Institutional and Health Care; Brian Gould, Local Services Administrator; Pierre Verhelst – Region 6.