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Workplace Violence

Yellow booklet cover with a target image that says: Violence and harassment at work.

This booklet is prepared to help local unions organize effectively to protect workers from violence and harassment. It contains the tools to press employers to fulfill their obligations to properly assess and control the hazards of workplace violence and harassment.

Download Violence and Harassment at Work

Guide to OHSA

OPSEU produces and regularly updates this guide to provide members with basic information and interpretation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). It answers key questions about your rights and your employer’s legal obligations and describes the powers of Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) and health and safety representatives (HSR).

Download Worker’s Guide to OHSA

From Knowledge to Action

In the health care field, OPSEU members go into work to provide professional care and treatment to people who need it. Yet incidents of violence are far from rare. In recent years, we’ve seen numerous incidents that have seriously injured health care workers on the job. Learn more in this health and safety toolkit for OPSEU members facing violence at work in health care generally and mental health facilities in particular.

Download From Knowledge to Action

Health and Safety Representation

The co-operative efforts of Labour OHCOW Academic Research Collaboration (LOARC ), an association of worker health and safety representatives, practitioners and researchers produced this informative booklet to support effective worker participation in health and safety.

Download Health and Safety Representation

Mental Injury Toolkit (MIT)

This quick referecne card provides a lead to information on psychosocial hazards in the workplace that can cause physchological and physical harm to workers.  This card also has direct links to the OHCOW website and StressAssess.


Erogonomics Workstation Checklist

A lot of OPSEU members work in an office environment without knowing the equipment and overall workstation provided by their employers are presenting potential long term health issues due to poor ergonomics.  Download our Ergonomics Workstation Checklist to see if you need to make recommendations for improvements.


Ergonomics Fact Sheet

Ergonomics is the science of designing the most effective and healthy way of enabling the environment you work in, which includes all the tools and equipment you use for your job to fit YOU the worker; rather than physically forcing your body to fit the job. It is irrelevant to the type of work you perform, the science of ergonomics can be applied in every workplace and working environment.  Read more of our ergonomic fact sheet by clicking to download your own copy.


OPSEU work refusal card

This quick reference card provides OPSEU members with guidance and easy to follow information about the process of a work refusal. The card also includes a province wide 1-877 number to the Ministry of Labour call centre.


Work refusal flow chart

Although the right to refuse unsafe work is available to just about all workers in Ontario, the process of exercising this right can be seen as a little daunting and stressful to just about any worker. The Minisrty of Labour provides this easy to follow flow chart to assist any worker in ensuring their right to be safe at work is respected.


Worker entitlements under the OHSA

When we think of the “Right to Know”, think entitlements. There are several sections of the OHSA that speak directly to a workers right to be provided specific information from their empoyer that relates directly to health and safety in the workplace. Whether you are a JHSC member or not, you are a worker in Ontario and the sections highlighted in our document is only a few of the sections that explain your “Right to Know”.

Worker entitlements health and safety information

Health and safety recommendations

Did you know, in June 2011 the Occupational Health and Safety Act was ammended to allow the co-chair representing the workers to submit a recommendation to the employer that carries the same weight as a full committee recommendation?  The OPSEU health and safety unit has created this template that our members can use for submitting worker only or joint recommendations to their employer.

Download Print only PDF

Download Write-able PDF (Download. Save. Open with PDF program)

Return to work Health and Safety Tips

Workers returning to work following an injury or illness must know that the work they are returning to is safe for them.  Every effort must be made by all the parties involved in a return to work process to ensure that the worker’s benefits continue until the worker can be safely accommodated back into the workplace. Read more of our return to work tip sheet


Sexual Harassment and the OHSA

Effective September 8, 2016 the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) was ammended to address issues of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and domestic violence in the workplace. These ammendments placed specific obligaiton on the employer including an investigation process.
Read more in our question and answer document.


Working Alone..?

Several hazards continue to exist in workplaces throughout Ontario without much thought. Working alone is definitely near the top of the list of hazards that seemingly cotinue without asking; “Isn’t there a safer way to do this work, instead of all by my self”? Read our tip sheet for OPSEU members who work alone or in isolated areas.


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