Top 8 reasons to join OPSEU

Top 8 reasons to join OPSEU

OPSEU SEFPO Ontario's Union for Changing Times
OPSEU SEFPO Ontario's Union for Changing Times

The #1 Reason to join OPSEU

“It’s not that we don’t have the money. We just don’t want to give it to you.” 
– LifeLabs executive

“If you want to make as much as a teenaged shift leader at McDonald’s, go apply there.” 
– LifeLabs executive

… and here are 7 more reasons to join OPSEU

Wage grid favouritism

The “wage grid” you have now is weak and lets managers get away with favouritism and nepotism. They have a free hand to arbitrarily put new employees higher on the grid than people who are more experienced and more educated. Insult to injury: senior staff then have to train these new hires without compensation.

Join OPSEU and you’ll have the strength to bargain a real wage grid that will stop managers from playing favourites. Unionized workers can demand clear seniority rules and fairly distributed workloads.

Wage grid discrimination

The “wage grid” you have now punishes part-timers and casuals. Since you can’t advance to the next pay band without working 1,950 hours a year, it’s practically impossible for part-timers and casuals to advance (unless you’re a management “favourite” who unfairly gets extra hours). 

Join OPSEU and you’ll have the strength to bargain a wage grid that doesn’t discriminate against part-timers and casuals.

Ridiculously slow wage grid advancement

The “wage grid” is far too slow. It takes 18 years to make the top pay band. That’s ridiculous. With OPSEU-negotiated wage grids, it typically only takes 4-6 years to make the top band.

Join OPSEU and you’ll have the strength to bargain a wage grid that fairly recognizes your knowledge and experience.

Intimidating ‘huddles’

Speaking up is dangerous. People are often afraid to speak up about workplace issues within the “huddles” because some managers alienate and ostracize staff who give critical feedback.

Join OPSEU and you’ll have the protection you need to openly and fearlessly raise important workplace issues.

Union bashing

Union scare-mongering. LifeLabs managers spread fear about the dues you’d pay if you join OPSEU (which are just 1.375%). But do they ask you if you have enough to cover your other expenses? Bills, mortgage, rent, food? No.

Join OPSEU and you’ll have the strength to bargain decent wages that keep up with the rising cost of living.

Divide and conquer

Why the secrecy? LifeLabs managers do not want you to talk to each other about your wages and working conditions. Why are you supposed to keep your wages confidential? Because they don’t want you to discover how unfair the wages are.

Join OPSEU and you’ll have the strength to ensure that EVERYBODY is paid decent wages.

Harassment swept under the rug

If you’ve been harassed, LifeLabs managers put YOU under the microscope. If you’ve been harassed, you have to prove to managers that the harassment occurred. If you don’t, you might be reprimanded or even disciplined for speaking up.

Join OPSEU and you’ll have the strength to demand a safe workplace where harassment is dealt with fairly and appropriately.

And a few more reasons to join …

“Union dues are 1.375 per cent of your wages. So for every $100 you make, your dues are only $1.38. And they are 100 per cent tax deductible.  It’s a very small price for what you get in return.”
– Longtime LifeLabs employee

“We are second class employees to our unionized co-workers in B.C.”
 – Longtime LifeLabs employee

“Since we joined OPSEU, the transparency, the respect and our voices being heard at work make it a much more positive and enjoyable environment to work in.” 
– LifeLabs Barrie worker

“Around 2010, I was involved in looking at the pros and cons of joining a union. We decided not to follow through because of company promises to address some of our concerns. But when a new CEO was hired, the promised wages increases were stopped. Looking back, I feel we should have joined a union.”  
–Vicki McKenna, LifeLabs retiree