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New online session on “The Duty to Accommodate”

New online session on “The Duty to Accommodate”

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This online session focuses on the Duty to Accommodate around the Ontario Human Rights Code and the 17 prohibited grounds identified in human rights legislation. 

It also covers the rights of employers, employees and the Union and their roles in fulfilling accommodation requests. 

Complete with a case study, the course explores the theme that sometimes in order to treat people equally and fairly means they have to be treated differently from others. It also emphasizes that employers must reasonably accommodate employees who fall into the groups protected by human rights legislation. 

This session is expected to take 15 to 20 minutes.  We encourage you to send us feedback at so we can keep track of how we are doing. 

Our goal is to keep you engaged as we address the needs of members.  

We look forward to seeing you back soon in person at OPSEU’s education sessions.