Vote Better
Jobs. Vote Better. Better Jobs.

As one of the largest and most powerful unions in Ontario, OPSEU is an authority on the world of work.

We know that when people have stable, long-term work that is safe and pays at least a living wage, they are healthier and more productive.

When working people are paid properly, we all benefit because the vast majority of their pay stays right here in Ontario: they buy clothes here, they eat in restaurants here, and they pay taxes here. In other words, working people with decent jobs boost small businesses, support our farmers, fuel our tourism, and help fund our public services.

On the other hand, we all suffer the consequences when working people find themselves stuck in precarious work.

Contract. Part-time. Temp. Casual. Few choose this kind of work. But many are forced into it because workers have so little voice in the workplace these days — a direct consequence of labour laws that discourage unionization and governments that won’t regulate or even enforce decent labour standards.

The provincial government can set and enforce stronger labour laws. And as a major employer, it must also set the bar for other employers by closing the gender wage gap and ensuring equal pay for equal work in all its workplaces and all the workplaces it funds.

#BetterJobs means a better Ontario.

Platform Priorities

$15 minimum wage, with annual increases tied to inflation.

Enforce workplace safety laws: kill a worker, go to jail.

Establish a fair unionization process that protects people from intimidation and stalling tactics.

Ensure all injured workers get full compensation.