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How does the LCBO support public services?

Ontario needs the LCBO.

The profits from LCBO sales help pay for teachers in Cornwall, MRIs in Timmins, highways in Simcoe County, hospitals in Thunder Bay, child care spaces in Toronto, Western University in London, Mohawk College in Hamilton, and more. If we give up those profits, we have two options – either pay more in taxes, or cut important public services.

The LCBO is an important asset for Ontario. In 2016, the LCBO provided $2.4 billion to the provincial government to pay for public services. This included more than $1.9 billion in profit, and more than $450 million in provincial taxes.

Each year, people who shop at the LCBO provide enough money to the province to pay for more than 13,300 kilometers of highway resurfacing. By the end of February, for example, LCBO shoppers have already contributed enough to the province to cover the cost of a year of home care for more than 113,000 seniors.

Why would we give that up?

It’s not too late to help. Learn more about what you can do to help save the LCBO.