A growing number of your LifeLabs co-workers are protecting themselves from sudden and hurtful actions by their managers. How? By joining OPSEU/SEFPO.

Over the past six months, LifeLabs workers have unionized in:

1.     Richmond Hill

2.     GTA/Oshawa

3.     Mississauga

4.     Timmins

For these new OPSEU/SEFPO members, LifeLabs can no longer suddenly decide to cut hours, pay, pension, or benefits. LifeLabs now has to negotiate with your co-workers about any major changes to their work or working conditions.

And your co-workers don’t have to face the employer alone — they’ve got OPSEU/SEFPO’s staff of professional negotiators to back them up every step of the way.

They’re the same professional negotiators who just helped the unionized workers at Cybermedix – which is owned by LifeLabs — get significant wage increases and big improvements to scheduling, vacations, and shift premiums.

Don’t you deserve more protection and better working conditions, too?

You can have them. Just do what more and more of your co-workers are doing: sign an OPSEU/SEFPO card RIGHT NOW! It’s safe, easy, and confidential. Just click this button:

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Protect yourself by joining OPSEU

If you’re worried about anything from getting COVID-19 to being laid off, you’re better protected in a strong union like OPSEU.

That’s because when you’re in a union, you get a collective agreement.

It’s a legally binding contract like a lease, car loan, or mortgage – your managers MUST follow it to the letter.

You can see your Simcoe co-workers’ collective agreement right here. As you can see, it guarantees in writing that they have: 

  • Lay-off protection. In Simcoe, managers can’t just lay you off arbitrarily. First, they have to prove they’ve explored all other avenues. In the worst-case scenario, they have to lay off newest workers first, and give them at least two week’s notice. And workers with the most seniority must be hired back first.
  • COVID-19 protection. In Simcoe, workers have a variety of protections against the pandemic, including:
    • Proper training for all personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, and gowns.
    • Social distancing of at least two metres that LifeLabs MUST enforce.
    • The support they need to refuse unsafe work and demand government investigations of safety breaches.
  • Vacation protection: In Simcoe, nobody is being forced to use vacation or banked time. Why not the same for you?
  • Sick time protection: Your Simcoe counterparts kept unlimited sick time during this COVID crisis. They can stay home and stay protected during 14-day isolation.
  •  Screening protection: In Simcoe, workers aren’t penalized if they’re late to their shift because they’ve been held up in screening. In fact, they’re paid for their time in screening.

Don’t you deserve these kinds of protections? By joining OPSEU, you can have them.

Sign up RIGHT NOW by pushing this button: It’s fast, easy, and confidential:


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