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2013 Bargaining Strike Vote News Alert 7

LBED Bargaining Bulletin, Issue 7

Last chance to cast strike vote today

Today is the last day for members of OPSEU's liquor board employee's division to cast their vote in favour of giving your bargaining team a mandate to call for job action in the event that contract negotiations with the LCBO break down. The two sides are scheduled to resume bargaining tomorrow with additional dates set for later this month and in early May.

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Voting started yesterday for some LBED locals, while for others today is the only day scheduled for voting. To find out if you qualify to vote today please visit www.lbedbargaining.org and click on the Voting Locations link.

"I'm really proud of how hard our mobilizers, highest ranking, local presidents and their executives have worked to inform our members about what is at stake in our negotiations," said Denise Davis, chair of the bargaining team. "And I think it is outstanding how engaged our members are in the process. We had 3,200 participants on last week's two telephone town hall meetings. That's a real measure of the keen interest and commitment of our members."

Davis reminded members that a Yes vote does not mean liquor board employees will walk off the job. As she and OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas told callers on last week's tele town hall meetings, a powerful Yes vote sends a clear signal to LCBO negotiators that it's time  they got serious about bargaining the issues you identified in the demand-set as most important to us.

"LBED members have spoken loud and clearly: we want improvements to our PVR system; improvements to wage and benefits; workplace stressors and workload improvements, and a promotion system based on seniority not 'merit,'" said Davis, who also noted that today marks 'Equal Pay Day' in Ontario where there remains a significant wage gap between women and men, and between classifications at the LCBO.

 "Your bargaining team is committed to delivering results. You can help us do that by delivering a very strong Yes vote."

Strike Vote April 8-9

For complete details on how and where you cast your vote on April 8-9 please visit

www.lbedbargaining.org and follow the links

Let's give our bargaining team an overwhelmingly strong Yes vote!

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