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2013 Collective Bargaining: News Alert Issue #6: Information you need to know about strike pay and strike preparations

2013 Collective Bargaining: News Alert Issue #6

As the clock ticks down to possible job action this Friday, more and more liquor board employees are asking their stewards, local leaders and mobilizers questions about strike pay. These are good questions and your bargaining team is pleased to provide answers.

Everyone who signs an OPSEU union card and fills out a Membership Personal Information Form, and agrees to perform 20 hours a week on the picket line, is eligible for strike pay.

The 20 hours of picket duty can be apportioned in a variety of ways. It needn’t be four hours per day, five days a week. If, for example, you have family obligations that prevent you from doing picket duty on certain days of the week, you may choose to bulk up your hours on the days you are available.

Many members are also asking about the rate of pay for picket line duty. The following chart will help explain.

There are various ways you can receive your strike pay. You may elect to have your pay directly deposited to your bank account. If so, ask your local president or strike mobilizer for a Direct Deposit Agreement Form. That person will send your original and completed form to your local OPSEU office.

Others may choose receive their pay by regular post. Speak with your mobilizer or local president about this option. Please ensure that you provide your correct mailing address.

OPSEU staff is ready and trained to support liquor board employees that they receive strike pay in a prompt and efficient manner. If you have any additional questions about strike please contact OPSEU at 1-800-268-7376.

Strike Preparations: Questions & Answers

Q:     How will I know if a strike is called?
A:     The bargaining team will notify the leadership of OPSEU, Liquor Board Employees Division (((LBED) and local strike committees. You will get a phone call from your local strike committee and / or picket captain.

Q:     When will picket lines go up?
A:     Picket lines will go up outside retail stores and head office effective Friday May 10.

Q:     Will we be picketing on Saturdays and Sundays?
A:     As long as the retail outlets are open we will maintain picket lines.

Q:     What should I do if the strike starts while I’m at work?
A:      The legal deadline for the strike is 12:01 a.m. Friday May 17. If you are working a night shift, leave the workplace at 12:01 a.m. even if you are in the middle of a shift.

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