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Be Seen, Be Heard: Matt Moreau, Region 4


I work in the Production Services Office (PSO) with the Kingston Production and Verification Services Branch (KPVSB) for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) which oversees Service Ontario. I have worked in many different departments in KPVSB; delivering mail, validating health card applications, processing microfilm (very recently updated to digital), as well as Private Investigator and Security Guard Licenses and Accessible Parking Permits. The Office I work in processes items such as Personalized License Plates, Used Vehicle Information Packages, and License Plate Stickers that are renewed Online through I have played an essential role in fulfilling backlogs, bringing forward new and innovative ways of processing different products, testing software, as well as creating and implementing new workplace procedures.

I have taken lead roles as the Vice-President (VP) and as its MGCS Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Co-Chair, and I’m a certified Mental Health First Aider. I have played a pivotal role in increasing Union awareness and understanding, improving workplace relations, as well as promoting and increasing awareness of Workers Rights.

I enjoy reading books, listening to podcasts, conversing, asking questions, and seeking the truth where there is obscurity. Most of all, I enjoy family time with my partner Rachelle and 15 month old daughter Raegan as we close in on the date of a second child in November.

 COVID-19 Impact Statement: 

One of the many precautions taken for COVID-19 is to urge people to not to go into Service Ontario offices. The push to go online for products was promoted by the Premier from early on in the pandemic. The main product that is processed in my office are renewals for License Plate Stickers done online. We were hit hard with approximately 2000 additional orders per day after the state of emergency was announced. The extra work compounded the stress felt from the fears stemming from COVID-19.

As my local’s VP and JHSC Co-Chair, I have the responsibilities of ensuring health and safety in the workplace, that workers are being reasonably accommodated, know their rights and to represent them and their concerns to the employer. This amplified the need for greater communication in the workplace. The dedication of my colleagues to ensure the work that is deemed critical to Business Operations for the Province of Ontario gets accomplished cannot be overstated. When the unit went back to full operations in the reopening phases there was a major backlog as a result of COVID-19 measures. The unit went above and beyond in hiring additional staff and working overtime to reduce the backlog. Additionally, my coworkers and I tested and implemented a new Order Management System: it has helped facilitate a major increase in production which helped eliminate the backlog, it will help prevent future ones, and it decreases overall operational costs. I’m happy to work with great colleagues who have shown that positive progress can be made in the midst of a pandemic.

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