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Bloodletters Bargaining Bulletin #3

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Keep calm and carry on

There have been a number of different rumours and comments being made about bargaining.  The only information you listen to is that which comes directly from the union through newsletters and the OPSEU web site via the bargaining team.  All other information should be disregarded as rumours.

In short, we are suggesting everyone “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON”

Where are we at?

After the bargaining team’s last day at the table, the employer rejected all of the union’s proposals to achieve a settlement that we felt would be acceptable to the members.

The bargaining team listened very carefully to all of the concerns that were raised when CBS Support members in Locals 160, 200, 210, 477 and 5103 overwhelmingly rejected the employer’s offer for a new contract.  Our subsequent proposals reflected those concerns.

However, the employer, in their wisdom, decided they knew what was best and instead proposed the exact same contract you rejected. This is ironic ­– especially considering the recent special edition of Connected, which began with the following quote:

 “Good leaders in any organization know great ideas come from front line staff. That also means that as employees, you know what’s working well and where things might be improved. Each of you has valuable insight and input to share.”

Clearly the employer has shown no real interest in listening to you or addressing your concerns!

What now?

The union has requested a No Board report from the conciliation officer and we expect to receive this in the next few days. Receipt of the No Board report begins a 17-day countdown to a legal strike position.

The two parties will return to the table on January 5, and have three days of negotiations in which to reach a fair contract before the target deadline of January 7.

The bigger picture

The 1980s tainted blood scandal was the worst public health disaster in Canadian history. It must not be repeated.

Compromising the safety of the blood supply can never be justified. CBS’ s plans for a more profitable operation cannot be allowed to put the population at risk.

CBS plans to lay off full-time workers and replace them with part-time casual workers. Ontario cannot afford to lose trained, professional health care providers.

Strike preparations are underway

CBS Support member-mobilizers will work with each local, and strike preparations are well underway. We are prepared and we will be ready.

If CBS is really concerned about their employees, they will come to the table on January 5 prepared to discuss and bargain a fair contract for all.

Your OPSEU staff representatives are bringing member-mobilizers in for strike training.  Your local mobilizer, as per the following list, may call on you to help deliver some information to the public.

Local 160 – Cathie Bergman-Richards
Local 200 – Linford Maxwell
Local 210 – Natalie Dubuc
Local 477 – Merriam Brown
Local 5103 – Jennifer Johnson

Keep in touch and informed

Make sure we have your current contact information by calling 1-416-443-8888 or 1-800-268-7376.  We want to ensure you receive information about bargaining as events unfold.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team:

Local 477 – Wendy Lapointe (Chair)
Local 160 – Katherine Zan-Payne
Local 200 – Keith Davies
Local 210 – Leigh Anne Siebert
Local 5103 – Audrey Smith
Staff Negotiator: David Loney

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