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Ottawa Human Resources Labour Adjustment Plan Arbitration:

As you know your team met with the employer for HRLAP arbitration in Ottawa on November 9th and 10th to deal with issues surrounding the implementation of the Ottawa agreement as it pertains to the Transitional Unit.  The Arbitrator agreed to was Christopher Albertyn and, at his suggestion, we entered into mediation with the employer.

After two days of mediation we are pleased to advise our members that we were able to achieve a settlement that was acceptable to both parties. The settlement has been made an order of the Arbitrator and he remains seized to deal with any disputes that may arise from the implementation of the award.  The highlights of the award are as follows:

Voluntary Exit Options:

Upon receipt of the employers notice of layoff there will be a voluntary exit options based on seniority.  It will consist of either early retirement or voluntary resignation. 

Early Retirement:

An employee who elects early retirement shall receive, following the completion of the last day of work, a retirement allowance of two weeks pay for each year of service with the hospital or any of its predecessor employers for service to October 15, 2000 and three weeks pay for service with the hospital for the period since October 16, 2000 provided that the total does not exceed 52 weeks pay.

Upon such election for early retirement, if an employee does not meet the requirements for early retirement without penalty, but could do so if employed until June 30, 2011, the employee may elect to bridge the period required using your separation pay and unpaid leave as well. The employee would make their pension contribution; as well the employer will contribute their portion.

Voluntary Resignation:

Voluntary resignation is two weeks pay for each year of service with the hospital or any of its predecessor employers for service to October 15, 2000 and three weeks pay for service with the hospital after October 16, 2000 provided that the total does not exceed 52 weeks pay.  This applies to Regular part time employees on a pro rated basis. 

As a result of the above, the Employer will be issuing new expressions of interest options for VEO for the impending layoffs at the Transitional Unit.  Should you wish an opportunity to access the VEO you must do so when these new letters come out.  You will have the opportunity to decline if it is in fact offered to you.

Separation Allowance:

Employees who receive a lay-off notice and resign within 30 days will be entitled to 2 weeks salary for each year of service, to a maximum of 26 weeks pay.  There is also entitlement of $3,000.00 tuition reimbursement, upon production of receipts.  Employees who resign after 30 days of receiving their notice of layoff shall be entitled to 4 weeks salary as well as $1,250.00 tuition reimbursement, upon production of receipts.


Employees who are laid-off have the option to forego their separation allowance and remain on a recall list for 24 months.  When on that list they will be able to receive ad hoc shifts (call-in list) and preference for temporary vacancies.  Employees who elect to remain on recall shall have until December 31, 2010 to be removed from the recall list and receive their separation allowance as above.  However, should an employee remain on recall after December 31, 2010, they forfeit their entitlement to separation allowance.

Salary Continuance:

Employees shall have the option to take their severance as a lump sum payment or as salary continuance.  Should you elect salary continuance, you would be entitled to extended health, dental and group life benefits. You will pay the premium for such benefits, less $125 contributed by the Employer.   Employees will not be entitled to sick leave, short term disability or long term disability benefits.

Vacancies Created at the new 32 bed unit in Ottawa:

Brockville employees who have been laid off shall have the option to be placed into any new positions created in the converted 32 complex continuing care beds at Royal Ottawa Place, subject to negotiations with OPSEU Local 479 and CUPE Local 942.

Message from OPSEU President

President Warren (Smokey) Thomas wishes to congratulate the members of OPSEU Local 439.  He says, “This settlement is testimony to the hard work and dedication of the team, and the members of Local 439. It shows what can be accomplished with team work. Congratulations!”

Stay Tuned….

We will be scheduling a meeting in the near future to answer any questions you may have regarding this award.

Your Local Executive

David McDougall, President

Brent Rathwell, Vice-President

Kevin Hudson, Unit Steward, Office Service and Clerical

Ken Rossetti, Unit Steward, Paramedical

Brenda Code, Secretary-Treasurer

Sonia Boudreau, OPSEU Staff Representative

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