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Community Colleges Support Staff Bargaining 2008 Union Proposal


Proposals Presented by:

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union on behalf of the Support Staff in the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology

OPSEU on behalf of the Support Staff employees in the Colleges would like to discuss changes to the Collective Agreement as follows:

Employment Conditions

  • Delete Appendix C and all references to it

Job Security

  • Amend Article 1.1 to recognize part time employees within the Support Staff bargaining unit.
  • Amend Article 4.3 to increase the frequency and accuracy of part time lists provided
  • Amend Article by increasing the notice period to 120 days
  • Amend Article 15.4.3 to provide protection for employee’s working conditions and terms of employment
  • Amend Article 15.4.3 under the final bullet “The College shall follow the above procedure for any employee displaced” and delete Article 15.4.5
  • Amend Article by increasing the election period to 10 days
  • Amend Articles 15.8, and the Contracting Out Letter of Understanding to provide for no contracting out of our work


  • Amend Article 5.1.1 – by increasing leaves paid 100% by the Union
  • Amend Article 5.1.2 – to ensure the granting of leaves
  • Add Article 5.8 – to ensure that Union members are replaced to protect the integrity of a position
  • Amend Article 12.5 to include aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or cousin

Job Postings/Promotions

  • Amend Article 17 to ensure that bargaining unit members are considered for all job competitions and that all vacancies be posted in a more expeditious manner
  • Amend Appendix D to enhance the ability to be considered for vacancies


  • Add an article to the Collective Agreement that addresses the following issues:   a) bullying,  b) psychological harassment, c) workplace violence and d) the need for immediate enforcement and resolution


  • Amend article 11.5 to ensure that members are not penalized for issues that more properly fall under Articles 12.2 and 12.5.  The amendment also to include illness while on vacation. 

Union Monetary Proposals


  • Amend Article 8.1.2 for greater clarity that the College will be responsible for any and all health care costs/charges levied by the government
  • Amend Article to allow for payout of unused credit upon retirement, layoff or termination
  • Amend Article 8.1.1 and 8.1.9 to increase life insurance for members their spouses and dependents
  • Amend Article 8.1.6 to increase entitlements, percentages paid by the college and to include dental implants.
  • Amend 8.1.10 to increase vision care coverage to $500 and to increase College paid premium
  • Amend Article 8.1.12 to defray costs to retirees
  • Amend Article 8.3 to properly reflect reimbursement for vehicle use
  •  Amend Article 8.1.5 to increase paramedical pooling maximum
  • Amend Article 8.1.5 to add more entitlement to services
  • Amend the Letter of Understanding – Automobile Insurance- The College to pay the difference between private automobile insurance &  Business/Commercial Insurance
  • Amend Appendix D so that all provisions of the collective agreement apply


  • Amend Article 9.1 to include all tuition fees paid
  • Amend Article 9.4 to provide that tuition for all courses and programs at the college for members, their spouses and children shall be waived
  • Amend Article 9.4 to allow retirees to take courses at the same cost as active employees

Health and Safety

  • Amend Article 13 to provide for increased Health and Safety training
  •  Amend Article 13.2 to provide increase in entitlement where the employer requires uniforms to be worn


  • Amend Appendix G –  include entitlement to Article 10
  • Amend Article 10.1 to include Family Day
  • Amend Article 10.1 to provide for inclusion of newly legislated holidays

Job Security

  • Amend Article 15.4.8 to fully protect a person rate of pay in the case of a layoff
  • Amend Article 15.5.1 to provide for one month’s pay for each year of service and delete Article 15.5.2
  • Adding an Article to provide for severance pay upon retirement
  • Amend Letter of Understanding Less than 12 month positions


  • Amend Article 5.1.3 to increase entitlements
  • Amend Article 5.2 to increase release time for union duties
  • Amend Article to increase current STD entitlement
  • Amend Article 9.3 to increase and enhance developmental leaves
  • Amend Article 9.5 to increase PD days allowed to 10 per year
  • Amend Article 11.1 to increase vacation time
  • Amend Article 13 to provide for increases in the necessary provisions under Health and Safety


  • Increase wages substantially
  • Amend Article 7.5 to provide for an $1.00 per hour shift premium from 5 P.M. – Midnight and a $1.50 per hour shift premium from Midnight – 6 AM
  • Add a new article to provide that the College pay licensing and certification required for a profession or to perform duties
  • Amend Articles 10.5 and 10.6 to provide double time for overtime worked on holidays
  • Amend Appendix G to allow for their wage to be found on the Appendix E grid
  • Amend Article 6.5 to increase the on call premium
  • Amend Article 7.7 to increase allowance paid and decrease the number of years for entitlemen

The Union reserves the right to add to or modify these proposals during the course of bargaining.

CAAT Support Bargaining Team Proposal

College Compensation and Appointments Council  Proposal

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