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Community Living Quinte West workers call for better funding of services

OPSEU calls on Participation Lodge to revise its hard-line stance as bargaining resumes Sunday

Ontario Public Service Employees Union negotiators are calling on Participation Lodge to soften its hard-line stance and help resolve a strike about to enter its eighth week.

OPSEU’s bargaining team has been called back to the table for Sunday, November 11. But they fear this might turn out to be an exercise in futility if the employer has nothing new to offer.

“We are ready to bargain but that means there must be some movement from this employer,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “They cannot simply present the same offer that was rejected by 91 per cent of the membership on two separate occasions.”

OPSEU also says many of the employer’s recent statements to the media are misleading. “This employer wants to bargain in the media. We want to bargain at the table,” said Thomas.

The union remains optimistic about Sunday’s talks, but is concerned that vulnerable people and their families are not receiving the quality services and care that they depend on while the strike continues.

“OPSEU members just want to get back to work serving their community, but need to see an improved offer before they can settle this contract.”

Call or email Elaine Kerr, Executive Director of Participation Lodge.  
Elain Kerr"s number is 519-794-3201 x224

If she happens not to be at her desk, dial extension 555 for the phone to ring throughout the facility. Someone should pick up…

You can also send Elaine Kerr an email at one, or both, of the following email addresses. Let her know that you support her staff, and that it is time to get back to the table!

Please also contact Bonnie Seeley, President, Board of Directors at (519) 376-6908 

For more information:
Paul Johnstone, OPSEU Negotiator 519-375-5946
David Cox, OPSEU Staff Representative 1-800-268-7376 x 5262

What can you do to help?

Support a picket line

There are picket lines at all three Participation Lodge locations: Holland Centre and St. Francis Place in Owen Sound and Lutheran Manor in Hanover. All support at these picket lines is greatly appreciated!

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