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Les travailleurs d’Intégration communautaire Newmarket/Aurora dressent un piquet d’information pour exiger un contrat équitable

La dignite n'est pas: une option. Services de developpement

More than 20 workers at Community Living Newmarket-Aurora braved the wind and the rain to stage an information picket on Oct. 28 to signal their displeasure with the slow pace of negotiations for their first contract.

Despite more than a year at the bargaining table with their employer, members of Local 386 are frustrated that almost no progress has been made on key issues such as wage and benefit improvements.

“We need our employer to recognize that a fair living wage and stable, dignified, full-time work is the foundation to quality care” said Kelly Holmes, Local 386 bargaining team chair.

“We are not asking for the moon. We simply want a fair contract” added local president Cindy Dalton.

Local 386 represents more than 200 employees at Community Living Newmarket-Aurora, many of whom are holding down part-time work elsewhere to make ends meet.

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