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Developmental Services Sector Chair visits locals across the province

Developmental Services sector chair Patti Markland is on the road this month visiting several OPSEU Developmental Services locals across the province.

Patti is encouraging members to give their employers a strong message that we are willing to do what it takes to ensure developmental services are accessible and available in all communities across the province.

As bargaining commences, it is crucial that we put pressure on the employer to follow through on promised improvements.

Want Patti to visit your local? You can contact her at:

Patti Markland: (613) 848-6016

This month Patti visited the following locals:

Local 357 – Community Living Huronia
Local 473 – Madawaska Valley
Local 702 – Kenora Association for Community Living
Local 738 – Avenue II Community Program Services, Thunder Bay
Local 740 – Community Living Thunder Bay

In the coming weeks, Patti will visit several more locals:

September 30
Local 161 – Community Living Tilsonburg

October 2
Local 448 – Community Living Prince Edward

October 6
Local 358 – Community Living Peterborough

October 21
Local 166 – Community Living London

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