Insurance Tip: Common Home Insurance Endorsements For Extra Coverage

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A Message from OPSEU/SEFPO’s Insurance provider, RGI Group:

Home insurance is designed to protect you and your family when you need it most — but all policies have limits and exclusions, and you may want to add extra coverage to make sure you’ll always be protected.

In the insurance world, an “endorsement” is a change to the coverage outlined in your insurance policy.

Here are four common endorsements you could consider purchasing to extend the protection offered by your home or tenant insurance policy. Specific coverages vary by location and by insurer, so be sure to talk to your licensed broker to find out what’s available to you.

Earthquake Endorsement

Most home insurance policies exclude damage caused by earthquakes. When added to your policy, the earthquake endorsement provides coverage for your home, your outbuildings (like your detached garage or garden shed), and your personal belongings in the event of an earthquake.

Sewer Backup Endorsement

A sewer backup can be caused by anything from clogged or grease-filled drains to damaged sewer lines — and it can cause sewage to back up into your home. Sewer backup coverage isn’t always included in standard home insurance policies, but it can often be added as an endorsement. The sewer backup endorsement is generally set up to protect you from loss or damage to your property caused by the rupture or escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump pump, or septic system.

Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement

Most home insurance policies have a maximum limit of coverage for certain types of specialty belongings (like jewelry, collectible sports cards, computer equipment, and bicycles), which is outlined in your policy documents. When the value of your belongings in these specialty categories is higher than the limits in your policy (or if you want to change something else about your coverage, like the deductible), you’ll need to make a change to your policy.

Watercraft Endorsement

If you use or own a boat, adding a watercraft endorsement to your home insurance policy provides coverage for damage to your boat (while you’re using it or while it’s docked) and liability coverage. This endorsement generally applies to smaller boats used for recreation, and larger boats like yachts require separate policies.

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