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Letter to Hudak: Setting out the facts for Ontarians


Dear Mr. Hudak:

Re: Setting out the facts for Ontarians

Based on the content of the letter I received, dated December 8, 2013, from MPP Monte McNaughton, I realize your party policies on labour relations, unions, jobs and industrial development contain many erroneous assumptions based on incorrect numbers and research. This is why these policies run contrary to the interests of the ordinary people that make up the majority of Ontarians.

A separate response to MPP McNaughton will be issued shortly.

Rather than relying on attack letters from your backbench MPPs and other web based tactics, we should be engaging the Ontario public in these important issues. This is why I am challenging you to a debate about these very matters. Speaking leader to leader on television or radio we can directly address the facts and clarify points of confusion or ignorance.

To chair the discussion I would recommend John Tory. I will be contacting John Tory shortly to expedite this request.

I believe the public could learn a lot from our discussion about unions, labour laws, job growth, dues evasion laws in the U. S., union democracy, the shrinking services provided to people, and the decline in the number of staff working to provide these services. Once they have the facts they will be well able to make up their own minds.

The public wants their political leaders to inspire a better future for all. They believe leaders should base decisions on facts and reason, not emotion and spin. Ontarians deserve truthful and concise information. Our debate, should you decide to engage, is one way to deliver this reasoned dialogue.

Have the courage to come out from behind the accusations and untruths your MPP has levelled at the 130,000 women and men who are proud members of OPSEU. When you insult me and my office you actually insult them. I am in my position because of their continued support. I work to retain that trust and support every day.

Mr. Hudak, these issues are too important to leave in a state of confusion. Lies and ignorance are not ways to show leadership.

Join with me in a debate that can clearly set out the facts for Ontarians.


Warren (Smokey) Thomas
OPSEU President

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