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  • Case counts as of March 21, 2020:
    • China: 81,008 cases; 3,255 deaths
    • Asia & Oceania: 16,102 cases; 227 deaths (South Korea – 104)
    • Europe: 146,123 cases; 7,341 deaths (Italy – 4,825 / Spain – 1378)
    • Middle East: 24,508; 1,591 deaths (Iran – 1,556)
    • Africa: 1,051 cases; 26 deaths
    • Latin America and Caribbean: 3,425 cases; 37 deaths
    • North America: 24,669 cases
      • United States – 23,529 cases; 274 deaths
      • Canada – 1,140 cases; 13 deaths
  • 58 new cases were reported today in Ontario, bringing the cumulative total to 377 (this includes six resolved cases and three deaths).

·        In Ontario, there are 7239 persons under investigation with lab results pending.

Actions Taken:

  • The Ministry of Health announced yesterday that to ensure that anyone in need of care can receive it, Ontario is waiving the three-month waiting period for Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) coverage. Additionally, the province will cover the cost of COVID-19 services for uninsured people who do not meet the criteria for OHIP coverage. Together, these measures will ensure that no one will be discouraged from seeking screening or treatment for COVID-19 for financial reasons.
  • The Ministry of the Solicitor General announced a number of new measures to limited the spread of COVID-19 in the Correctional system.
  • The Ontario College of Family Physicians continues to encourage family doctors to have signage outside the office asking patients to call the clinic before entering to allow for appropriate screening and direction. You can download an editable signage.  

Ministry of Health | Health System Emergency Management Branch 


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