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OPSEU leaders address government’s new wage restraint policy


Consultations with public sector unions and employers regarding wage restraint are now underway with the provincial government.

OPSEU leaders were among the first to meet with government representatives, on August 9th. Government representatives repeatedly got an earful from OPSEU about underfunded vulnerable services and why billion dollar corporate tax cuts are not being suspended.

Following the initial consultation, a special meeting with over 75 OPSEU Sector Representatives and Executive Board Members was convened on August 10th for a full day of profitable discussion and caucuses. The key recommendation put forward by participants was the need for all local presidents to be brought into this critical debate. This feedback was approved as a motion by Executive Board Members to hold an all-presidents meeting: Scheduled for September 13th, registration information is forthcoming.

“All indicators are that massive corporate tax breaks will be fully paid for by this government’s plan for public sector wage cuts” says OPSEU President, Smokey Thomas. “It is simply wrong for hard-working people to be bank-rolling already profitable corporations.”

OPSEU’s campaign against the upside-down, destructive economic policies of this government continues. Join your fellow OPSEU members as we protest the wage cuts at Liberal Party fundraisers across the province.

Aug. 19th: Protest at the golf fundraiser at GreyHawk Golf Club in Cumberland

Sept. 1st: Protest at the golf tournament fundraiser in Brampton


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