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OPSEU participation at the 2014 ONDP Convention

Large group of OPSEU members, many holding Andrea Horwath signs, at the ONDP Convention

On the weekend of November 14-16, a record-breaking total of 80 OPSEU members attended the ONDP Convention – making us the second-largest labour delegation.

Congratulations to the following four OPSEU members who were elected to the Provincial Executive of the ONDP:

Jeff Arbus – Northern Representative
Len Elliott – Member at Large
Robert Hampsey – LGBTQ committee co-chair
Gord Longhi – Aboriginal committee co-chair (elected for a second term)

Congratulations also to the many OPSEU members who have been politically elected to the Provincial Council, local riding association and/or area council, as well as all those who are politically engaged in so many ways within the ONDP and their communities.

OPSEU at the ONDP Convention

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