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OPSEU President rallies supporters at Participation Lodge picket

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas joined workers and supporters for a solidarity rally at Participation Lodge in Hanover on October 31.

In a show of spirit that has characterized the solidarity on the line from day one, some wore their Halloween costumes to the event. Strong community support for the workers was evident as passing cars honked. Some sang along as union songs blasted. A number of OPSEU members from other units came out to the rally. Everyone was particularly touched by the attendance of a Participation Lodge client and her brother.

As workers enter their sixth week of a strike, the union is calling on Participation Lodge Executive Director Elaine Kerr to return to the table with a fair offer for her workers.

Thomas addressed the crowd expressing the full support of the union.

“It’s time for Participation Lodge Executive Director Elaine Kerr to come back to the bargaining table,” said Thomas. “If she does not get back to negotiations with a fair deal, she should consider dusting off her resume.”

Negotiator, Lynne Easter and Local President, Deb Powell also rallied the crowd with their energetic call for continued strength and solidarity. As one member later commented on Facebook “Deb rules! She does OPSEU proud!”

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