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Reena Staff Gear up for Ratification Vote

Ontario Public Service Employees Union flag

The bargaining team for Reena OPSEU Local 554 secured a tentative agreement with their employer late last night, just days prior to an April 24 strike deadline. The deal was signed with a Conciliation Officer during mediation, setting the stage for a ratification vote to be held tomorrow, Wednesday April 18th from 11am to 6pm at the Wilson Membership Centre.

The bargaining team is unanimously recommending acceptance of the agreement, calling it a “fair deal”, one that reflects what other Developmental Services Locals in the province have thus far received.

While the employer was clearly well-prepared in the face of potential job action, so was the membership. The members of Local 554 gave their bargaining team overwhelming support and a mandate to negotiate a fair deal during uncertain economic times.  Throughout negotiations, the parties discussed each other’s issues openly, attempting to meet both the needs of the members and of the organization. The parties have both indicated that they intend to continue with open communication and working to maintain positive labour relations.

All pertinent information for the ratification vote can be found HERE (will include a link). Copies of the MOS can also be obtained tomorrow at the information session and vote.

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