Region 6 Educational Local Treasurers Course – June 3, 4

Formation et Syndicalization

Fillable PDF application form

Saturday June 3 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday June 4 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Best Western Hotel & Conference Centre, 700 Lakeshore Dr, North Bay, ON P1A 2G4

Course Description:

This course is aimed at Local Treasurers and Trustees who are either NEW to the role or experienced members who are seeking a “refresher course”. The goal is to give the necessary tools and education to Local Treasurers and Trustees in order for them to fulfill their roles in the Local. It will also draw on members’ experiences to solve problems occurring with the administration of Local funds.


Completed application forms must include the signed recommendation of a Local Executive Officer (an approval via email from an LEC will be accepted if a signature is not possible) and be received by the North Bay Regional Office no later than April 21, 2023 at 4:30pm

Selection process – Education Policy Section 7 (Policy manual)

The selection process will be in accordance with the Education Policy – Section 7 of the Policy Manual. All Local Presidents have an OPSEU/SEFPO Policy Manual. Please contact your Local President to review this policy. Applicants will be notified prior to April 28th of their acceptance for the educational.

Family / attendant care

Family/Attendant Care will be reimbursed as per OPSEU/SEFPO policy as outlined on the back of the expense claim. Such allowance is not intended to reimburse the claimant for dependent/family expenses they would have normally incurred as a result of employment except where the absence exceeds the normal work day or week.

Family/dependent care will be reimbursed as per OPSEU/SEFPO Policy Manual.

Lost wages / time off

Lost wages will be paid for those members who are scheduled to work on these days or the nightshift before. Any claim for lost wages must be substantiated by proof from your employer.


Meals will not be provided at this educational. Attendees may leave during lunch break to eat lunch at a local restaurant.


Best Western Hotel & Conference Centre, 700 Lakeshore Dr, North Bay, ON P1A 2G4

A Booking link will be sent with confirmation letter upon acceptance to the course.

Applications must be sent via email by Friday, April 21, 2023 by 4:30pm EST.


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