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Security breach hit ServiceOntario hours after OPSEU’s warning

Three hours after a legislative committee was warned of the dangers of privatizing ServiceOntario, a security breach forced the shutdown of privately-operated kiosks.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union is battling to stop the Ontario government from selling off the entire ServiceOntario network.

OPSEU president Warren (Smokey) Thomas told budget hearings on Wednesday evening that the Liberal government must scrap the portion of its budget legislation that will privatize ServiceOntario. Thomas was joined by prominent Toronto lawyer Paul Cavalluzzo who warned of significant risks to security of personal information if a U.S. corporation or its subsidiary is allowed to buy ServiceOntario.

 “The Liberals can’t claim ignorance here,” said Thomas. “They know or ought to know the risks of turning Ontarians’ personal information over to the private sector. And for what? ServiceOntario makes billions of dollars. Why would we give that away?”

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