OPSEU supports the Occupy movement


Dear friends,

OPSEU stands in solidarity with all who struggle for justice. We support the Occupy protestors as they expose growing economic inequality and corporate corruption. We will add our strength to this peoples’ movement for as long as it takes.

The Occupy movement is provoking change. Taxes on financial transactions are gaining recognition as an alternative to austerity demands. There is a renewed understanding of the need for good and accessible public services. The call for well-paying, full-time, permanent jobs is deafening.

All over the world, from Tahrir Square to Australia, from Wall Street to Bay Street, people have taken to the streets and occupied public squares and parks. Tent cities are weathering the cold of winter as peoples’ assemblies revolutionize public discourse. And they need our support.

OPSEU was there when Occupy came to Toronto. We are there in Ottawa and Kingston. We are there with our support and present on the ground, attending peoples’ assemblies, helping to provide necessities for the growing tent communities.

First Vice-President/ Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida as well as our 2nd Vice-President Nancy Pridham have the full support of the OPSEU Executive Board as they work to provide for the immediate and longer term needs of the growing Occupy sites in Ontario.

We have joined forces with six other unions including ONA, SEIU, CEP, Steelworkers District 6, ETFO and SEP to assist the activists who stand for all of us as they continue to maintain the Occupy sites. The unified strength of these unions has allowed us to make substantial donations. These include portable toilets, generators, and most recently three traditional Mongolian tents called yurts. Plans are also underway to provide a portable kitchen.

OPSEU will continue to support this courageous movement as it shapes the changes that lie ahead. We are there for the Occupy activists for as long as it takes.

The 99% will be heard.

In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas
President, Ontario Public Service Employees Union

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