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Result for: colleges pensions

Le lundi 6 juillet 2015, 09 h 52
... can affect her wages, access to health benefits and pensions derived from long-term or uninterrupted employment. The long term ...
Result found in this file : closing_the_gender_wage_gap_a_consultation_paper_.pdf
Le jeudi 16 avril 2015, 09 h 53
... (i) ONTARIO COLLEGES OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMIC EMPLOYEES ... COLLEGE EMPLOYER COUNCIL (the Council) FOR THE COLLEGES OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY AND: ONTARIO PUBLIC SERVICE ... parties. Such leave of absence shall be without salary, pensions , sick leave, insurance and other fringe benefits but shall, ...
Result found in this file : caat-a_ca_2014-2017_web_eng.pdf
Le vendredi 21 mars 2014, 12 h 29
... position to which he or she has been assigned except that pensions , insured benefits entitlements, and entitlements under Article 20 ... support (partnering with the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities). 6. The nature of the work performed in the ...
Result found in this file : 2013-2014_opseu_collective_agreement_final.pdf
Le mardi 10 mars 2015, 14 h 17
... services, mental health, and municipalities) CAAT ( Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology ) Representing faculty and support ...
Result found in this file : organizing_unit_presentation.pdf
Le jeudi 16 juillet 2015, 14 h 45
... Occupational Health and Safety 20 Organizing Policy 21 Pensions 22 Policy Manual 23 Policy Statements 23.1 General 23.2 ... to meet its educational requirement, at the community colleges . (Convention 2004, p.36) Network for Better Contracts Equity ...
Result found in this file : 2015_en_opseu_policymanual_3.pdf
Le mardi 19 août 2014, 12 h 11
... They work for the Ontario government, for community colleges , for the Ontario Liquor Board, and for a wide range of community ... including specialists in bargaining, grievance handling, pensions , benefits, health and safety, pay equity, human rights, ...
Result found in this file : members_owners_manual.pdf
Le mercredi 9 juillet 2014, 12 h 31
... unit under the Ontario Labour Relations Act or the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act and may be referred to as a Single-Unit ...
Result found in this file : 2015-08-en-opseu_constitution_d_0.pdf
Le lundi 23 février 2015, 11 h 17
... and accreditation bodies, to mandate the Council of Colleges to direct its head of Colleges to adhere to the strict requirements under those professional ...
Result found in this file : disposition_on_resolutions_from_2014_convention.pdf
Le mercredi 1 avril 2015, 14 h 56
... contractors: • Association of Canadian Community Colleges – Ottawa – L.446 • Carleton University – Ottawa – ...
Result found in this file : 2015-04_en_opseu_u-sector_9_newsletter_issue_2_b.pdf
Le mercredi 11 février 2015, 14 h 48
Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario College Support Staff ... agreements, I can tell you that in four years’ time the colleges will bring back to the table the one demand that was most important ...
Result found in this file : caat-s_supportreport8_feb11-2015-eng.pdf