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Result for: notice 9 dec 2010 telephone

Le vendredi 21 mars 2014, 12 h 29
... BENEFITS COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT 3 A Working Conditions 9 B Employee Benefits For Full-time Regular Employee 84 C Regular Part-time ... 35 20 Employment Stability 36 Preamble 36 Surplus Notice Alert 36 Notice and Pay In Lieu 38 Targeted Direct ...
Result found in this file : 2013-2014_opseu_collective_agreement_final.pdf
Le jeudi 16 juillet 2015, 14 h 45
... 7 Education Policy 8 Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) 9 Executive Board Members 9.1 General 9.2 Elected Officers (Full Time) - ... those conferences sponsored by the CLC, OFL or NUPGE. Notice of such conferences will be circulated to the Executive Committee ...
Result found in this file : 2015_en_opseu_policymanual_3.pdf
Le vendredi 21 mars 2014, 12 h 34
... to ensure services meet the needs of all members. In 2010 , Phase 1 of the project included a comprehensive survey of 135,000 ... Arbus, Executive Board Member, Region 6 9 mediations, harassment and discrimination complaints, policy initiatives and ... and the number of days that constitute “reasonable notice ” for local elections is now specified in policy— thereby ...
Result found in this file : 2013-04_social_mapping_booklet_b_reduced.pdf
Le jeudi 22 mai 2014, 14 h 30
... CFS and CFS-O, reduce col- lege tuition fees to 1992 levels.9 “Over the past 20 years, tuition at Ontario colleges has outpaced ... to need extra support, to request workshops with little notice , and to need help finding appropriate materials for online courses. ...
Result found in this file : caata_roe_fullreport_en.pdf
Le vendredi 21 mars 2014, 12 h 29
... 6 Being Inclusive When We Serve Food 9 Creating a Welcoming Cross Cultural Environment 12 Tips on ... development of the OPSEU Social Mapping Project (SMP) in 2010 . The Workers of Colour Caucus were instrumental in lobbying for the ...
Result found in this file : powertool_recruitment_supplement.pdf