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Le jeudi 26 mai 2016, 17 h 40
local 294 is marking a significant anniversary today. six months ago, a strike launched by workers at carepartners in niagara region and norfolk county ended. carepartners is a for-profit agency under contract to the area’s community care access centre,...
Le jeudi 26 mai 2016, 19 h 43
... shift from their regularly assigned duties, on very short notice , to respond to an emergency or an assignment anywhere in Canada where ...
Result found in this file : 2000_federal_report.pdf
Le mardi 17 mai 2016, 11 h 19
... Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT). You must complete the WSIAT Notice of Appeal form and return it to the WSIAT within 6 months of the date ... Officer’s decision must also be attached to the Notice of Appeal form. WSIB FACT SHEET #2 3 The Notice ...
Result found in this file : WSIFact Sheet 2.pdf
Le mardi 10 mai 2016, 16 h 14
... that excite people about the meeting.  Post meeting notices on union bulletin boards.  Distribute flyers in person through ... If changes to local by-laws are required special notice to the membership must be given 2 weeks before the meeting ...
Result found in this file : new_presidents_getting_started_toolkit_web.pdf
Le mardi 17 mai 2016, 13 h 24
... a Workplace Safety and Insurance Decision. Please take notice of the appeal time limits in the letter sent to you by the Board ...
Result found in this file : WSIFact Sheet 3.pdf
Le samedi 12 avril 2014, 18 h 42
... Holiday (PT/Temps/Unclassified) Pay-in-Lieu of Notice Perfect Attendance Reporting Pay Retro Hourly Retro Overtime ...
Result found in this file : Guideline_for_OPSEU_Dues_Calculation.pdf
Le vendredi 6 mai 2016, 11 h 47
... a job that could launch into a promising career. What I noticed as I scrolled through the hundreds of posted jobs were almost 80% ...
Result found in this file : megan_winand_submission.pdf
Le mercredi 27 avril 2016, 10 h 36
... this document, the employer states that six (6) months’ notice should be given for retirement. OPSEU had no input into this document ... to their pension regardless of how much (or how little) notice they give. However, if members give less than the suggested 3 ...
Result found in this file : prb-fact-sheet-april-2016-final.pdf
Le vendredi 21 mars 2014, 12 h 29
... applies; see your Agreement. Subject to change without notice and may not be combined with other offers. Taxes extra. This offer is ...
Result found in this file : Baka Discount Flyer March 2016.pdf
Le mardi 12 avril 2016, 09 h 51
... bargaining teams at least six months prior to serving notice to bargain; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT bargaining teams ...
Result found in this file : resolutions_dealt_with_by_the_opseu_executive_board_2015.pdf