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Personnel scolaire des collèges


28 septembre 2009

TORONTO – Traitement injuste et conditions de travail précaires sont au cœur d"un vote du personnel de soutien à temps partiel des 24 collèges communautaires de l"Ontario qui aura lieu en octobre prochain pour déterminer si ces employés devraient se rallier aux autres membres du Syndicat des empl

30 juillet 2009

Negotiations continue

What happens if a contract settlement is not reached by August 31? In such an event, the parties will continue to negotiate and faculty will continue to work.

23 juin 2009

Bargaining is under way

In keeping with legislative requirements, on June 3 the union sent notice to bargain to the Council, which acts on behalf of the colleges. On Monday, June 8, the union negotiating team met face-to-face with the management group.

29 avril 2009

Workload, salary, and academic freedom top list of priorities

OPSEU members in the CAAT-Academic bargaining unit have identified workload, salary, and academic freedom as their top three priorities for the upcoming contract negotiations.

19 mars 2009

New process squeezes bargaining timelines

Contract talks set to start in June

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