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Personnel scolaire des collèges


18 juin 2013

OPSEU’s quest to recognize the right of part-time Ontario college workers to union representation has been consistently stonewalled by the employer and the process at the Ontario Labour Relations Board.  So why did the Canadian and Ontario governments suggest to the ILO that all is OK? 

8 novembre 2012

Peter Biesterfeld from OPSEU Local 416 at Algonquin College is the winner of the OPSEU Quality Education Video Contest. His video “Quality Education” highlights the amazing diversity and excellence of services provided by college faculty.

1 octobre 2012

College Faculty ratify and regroup

10 septembre 2012

Faculty at Ontario’s 24 colleges have ratified a new collective agreement. The vote held on Monday, September 10, delivered 88.8 percent approval.

7 septembre 2012

For your consideration: A reasonable deal