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Doug Ford wants to make life better for his wealthy buddies. It’s why he plans to fast-track privatized alcohol sales and hand more of the public revenues generated by the LCBO over to the CEOs and big box grocery and convenience chains like Loblaws and Circle K.

Doug Ford can’t be trusted.

The LCBO is Ontario’s best kept secret – and it's worth protecting.

Frontline LCBO workers are proud that the revenues we help to generate give back to our communities. We won’t back down in our fight for a strong future for the LCBO and the public services funded by LCBO revenues.

We have a better plan and we’re ready to strike for it:

  • Grow the LCBO to meet demand and increase convenience
    • Open more stores, increase the hours of operation, and increase warehousing, logistics and e-commerce capacity in-house!
  • Expand public revenues by growing the LCBO
    • Let’s grow with Ontario! LCBO sales help fund our public services like health care and education.
    • When you buy from the LCBO, including spirit-based ready-to-drink beverages, that should help build Ontario – not pay for a billionaire’s new yacht.

  • Support good jobs at the LCBO and in our communities
    • Having more permanent part-time and permanent full-time job opportunities means greater product knowledge and even better customer service. Workers deserve job security and fair severance provisions too!
    • Right now, 70% of LCBO workers are casual – they don’t have guaranteed hours, which means most won’t have access to benefits and there aren’t opportunities to move into permanent part-time and full-time positions. We want a better future for our members, the LCBO, and Ontario.

Who are we fighting back against?
Doug Ford and guys like this:

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To raise awareness about our fight and build public support we’ve launched a cheeky ad campaign starring our very own greedy CEO Callum who is trying to convince Ontarians to give him a big slice of the LCBO.

Sure, it invests $2.5 billion into our communities… but that means basically nothing to him! He just doesn’t get why we need hospitals and schools, who’s going to both?

Request for Union Leave (RUL)

Employés de la Régie des alcools

L’OPSEU/SEFPO représente plus de 8 000 travailleurs et travailleuses à la Régie des alcools de l’Ontario (LCBO), répartis dans 42 sections locales.

Chaque année, la LCBO verse un dividende bien supérieur à 2 milliards de dollars dans les coffres du gouvernement de l’Ontario pour payer les services publics, tels que les hôpitaux, les écoles et l’infrastructure.

LBED executive members

Colleen MacLeod

Jeremy Trainor
Vice Chair

Rachel Brunet

Jamie Kensley
Chairperson, Member at Large,
Anti-Privatization Committee

Craig Hadley
Chairperson, Member at Large, Education & Communications Committee

Shelly Robitaille
Chairperson, Member at Large,
Pensions and Benefits Committee

Debbie McGuinness
Chairperson, Member at Large,
Health and Safety Committee