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La Division unifiée de la Fonction publique de l'Ontario regroupe tous les membres qui n'appartiennent pas à la Division des services correctionnels.
Ontario Public Service

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Toronto – OPSEU/SEFPO President Warren (Smokey) Thomas commends the provincial government for its apology to Black, Indigenous and racialized communities and for acknowledging that systemic racism, discrimination and employment barriers continue for people of colour, LGBTQ+ employees and employees with disabilities, but says there’s much more work to be done. “The province’s apology is an...

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Notre communauté a besoin de son palais de justice! Arrêtez ce plan dangereux visant à fermer les palais de justice de Scarborough, Etobicoke et North York. Les victimes, les témoins et les accusés ont besoin d’avoir un accès équitable au système judiciaire, à proximité de leur domicile. Faire le trajet jusqu’au centre-ville est coûteux et...


Today, delegates from the OPS Unified Bargaining Unit and the OPS Correctional Bargaining Unit have finished electing their bargaining teams for the upcoming 2021 round of bargaining. Both bargaining teams will negotiate their own standalone contracts for each bargaining unit. Two weeks ago, on May 15, 2021, local delegates attended the OPS Regional Bargaining Conference,...

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