Region 6 Retirees Meeting – Friday May 6th 2022

Region 6 Retirees Meeting – Friday May 6th 2022



Retirees Meeting – May 6, 2022


Our first live meeting, of the OPSEU Region 6 Retirees, since Covid-19shut us down in 2020, will be held at the:

OPSEU Membership Hall

866 Newgate Avenue, Greater Sudbury, ON

P3A 5J9 – 705-585-2984

May 6/2022 – Start time is 09:30


It will be so nice to see everyone again – the last meeting we held live, was in early March 2020 – we did have 3 Zoom meeting since – but not everyone was able to attend.

We will have some masks available for those who will continue to wear these, for a while yet, I will wear mine still, as a precaution.

As it has been a while since the last meeting, it’s kind of hard to know who is ready to meet in public, so, if you have made up your mind it would nice to let us know so we can expect approximate numbers. You can contact Beth Anich at beth.anich@sympatico or myself at

This meeting will include election of officers (as the last 2 years were lost) I will also let my name stand as Chair one more time but this is definitely going to be time for me to become one of the Retirees in attendance, if I am so lucky to be elected for one more and last term.

For those travelling over 2 hours – A block of 20 rooms as been requested at the Radisson Hotel.- for the night of May 5 – 2022,  you do not need a code, just let them know you are with OPSEU Retirees, I was told that there would not be any problem. Shared accommodations only.

The newly elected and the re-elected executive board members have been invited to join us.

Please continue to let us know if a member has moved to long-term care, is a shut in or has passed away. We have started an in-memoriam page in Autumn View.

In Solidarity,

Janine Johnson, Chair


***You can also find us on Facebook Region 6 Retirees Division***



  1. Call to order
  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction of Executive and the Region 6 Executive Board Members
  3. Land Acknowledgement
  4. Statement of Respect
  5. Approval of the agenda
  6. Approval of the Minutes of our last meeting
  7. Report from the Chair
  8. Financial Report
  9. Report from the Executive Board
  1. Old business
  2. Monthly Coffee, Cards, and Conversation
  3. Retirees Conference
  4. Other
  5. New business
  6. OPS Benefit Changes from last collective agreement
  7. Future speakers
  8. Up-coming events
  • Provincial Election
  • OPSEU Picnic
  • TBDLC Picnic
  2. Other
  3. Draws
  4. Next meeting date
  5. Adjournment